The Six Countries Programme (6CP) is an international network of public policy-makers, business leaders, academics, and other experts working in the field of innovation and meeting periodically to discuss the latest developments in innovation research, policy and practice.

New 6CP book published, available for download

What would Walter say? 50 years of innovation politics

This book is written to honour the visionary contributions of Walter Zegveld to the early days development of innovation policy and innovation thinking. But it should be stressed that Walter was not alone. The 1970’s were the founding years for the fields of innovation research and innovation policy research. The development of the academic profession was complemented by a push to develop policies for stimulating innovation in industry. Walter Zegveld was one of the people who used his political connections to put innovation on the political agenda. But there were more of his kind. The name of Walter in the title of this book should thus also read as a placeholder for at least a dozen other names. The people with these names were doing similar things, with the same visionary drive, in different countries in Europe, Canada and the USA.The abundant references to the role of networking and mutual learning in this book confirm the growth of this practice oriented community. 6CP was an important vehicle. But what is more important: the pioneers were successful. Innovation policy became part of the political agenda in most countries around the world. That is what this book is about. With a focus on the role of Walter Zegveld in the Netherlands, it shows how the field of innovation policy thinking has developed. We hope that this book helps to understand how important it is to remain critical in our analyses and discussions, but also how constructive solutions must be brought to politics. And we hope that it helps to keep some of the history of innovation policy thinking alive.                                      You can download the book!

6CP workshops

The 6CP network organised many workshops to discuss the latest developments in innovation practices, policies and research. The aim of these meetings was to further our understanding of innovation policies and practices and to improve the coordination of efforts in the field, by bringing together experts from various countries, sectors and disciplines to share their insights and experiences and to debate common issues of interest and concern.The first 6CP workshop dates back to 1976. In the ensuing years, many topics have been covered on relevant and pressing issues of the day. More information about the workshops can be found here.