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40 Years of innovation policy: what’s next?
24-25 March 2015, Vienna

6CP ( with the support of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy, celebrates its 40st anniversary conference. In 2015 6CP, the world’s oldest international innovation policy network, exists 40 years. 6CP was established to create opportunities for mutual learning between international peers in policymaking, research and industry. 40 years ago the debate about innovation policy focused on:

  1. How to create new business opportunities through large scale mission driven technological projects (“grand projets”)?
  2. How to best support SMEs as important drivers of innovation, jobs and economic growth?
  3. How to develop the “technological culture” which makes sure that new developments are well-embedded in society?

Over the 40 years of 6CP existence these three points have lost nothing of their importance and urgency. But at the same time a lot has been learned about how to tackle these questions. The 40st anniversary is an occasion to take stock of what has been learned and what has changed in forward looking innovation policies. A critical approach should provide participants with new and maybe less expected views on future directions of the field.