About 6CP - Background

The Six Countries Programme (6CP) is an international network of public policy-makers, business leaders, academics, and other experts working in the field of innovation and meeting periodically to discuss the latest developments in innovation research, policy and practice.

Established in 1974,  the 6CP provides a platform for open discussion and analysis of innovation policy issues and exchanges of experiences and best practices in the field. Its primary objectives are to contribute to a broader understanding of innovation processes and their impact on economies and societies, to anticipate future needs, and to foster greater cooperation among policy researchers and decision-makers from both government and business sectors.

The innovation policy network

International Workshops are organized, attracting representatives from various sectors and policy communities with a special interest in the topics around which these events are organized. The workshops cover a wide range of themes, including new research into innovation processes, the implementation of new policies, governance structures, interactions between institutions, challenges facing the innovation policy community, and more. Characterized by frank and open exchanges of information and reflections about theories, approaches and practical applications of innovation policy, the workshops are the cornerstone of the 6CP innovation policy network.

The proceedings of Past Workshops and related materials, including participant presentations and background papers, may be consulted and downloaded on this website.

The 6CP is overseen by a Steering Committee composed of representatives from member organizations. The Committee is responsible for the overall direction and management of the network. As such, it initiates and coordinates all network activities, liaises with other experts in the field, and proposes and appoints new members. The Committee is supported by a Secretariat based at TNO in the Netherlands, which handles the day-to-day activities of the 6CP.

6CP Steering Committee members

AustriaMr. Wolfgang Polt (chairman)
FinlandMr. Torsti Loikkanen
GermanyDr. Steffen Kinkel
The NetherlandsMr. Jos Leyten
SwedenMr. Lennart Elg

For a short biography and contact details of each member, CLICK HERE.

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