What would Walter say? 50 years of innovation politics (The Hague, 16 December 2016)


December 2016

In May 2016 Walter Zegveld passed away at the age of 85. With an extremely good feeling for the politics of innovation and a healthy distrust of the vested powers of big research and big business, Walter was one of the persons that laid ground for innovation policy in the Netherlands and Europe. He was very sensitive for the needs of the future and created the conditions to do the necessary research, develop the policies and strategies, and to build the performing institutions.

To honor his contributions to innovation thinking and practices, a workshop was held on 16 December 2016 in the Koninklijke Schouwburg ‘s Gravenhage (The Hague). It iwas organised under the flag of the 6 Countries Programme, a network which since 1974 brings innovation researchers, policy makers and business together to discuss the latest developments in the field of innovation policy. Walter was one of the founders of the network.

A number of distinguished speakers from the 6CP community and from the Netherlands briefly reviewed the diversity of Walter’s contributions to the field, but mostly focused on 50 years of development of the politics of innovation and critically assessed present and future dynamics in ensuing innovation policies. They did this with Walter’s perspective of the politically sensitive practition. The contributions by various speakers have been collected in a book. This book is available for download as well. Please see below for all information.