Past workshops

The table below lists all 6CP workshops held since 1976. The entries marked in green provide links to workshop proceedings, presentations and papers. For workshops held prior to 1999, documents are not available online. If you wish you know more about these, please contact the 6CP Secretariat.

2016What would Walter say? 50 years innovation politics (The Hague, 16 December 2016)
2015 40 Years of innovation policy: what’s next? (Vienna, 24-25 March 2015)
2014Can policy follow the dynamics of global innovation platforms? ('s-Hertogenbosch, 14-15 April 2014)
2010Exploring the green innovation paradigm (Utrecht, 15 November 2010)
2009New Economic Ground for Innovation Policy (Bilbao, 14 September 2009)
2008Non-technical Innovations - Definition, Measurement & Policy Implications (Karlsruhe, 16-17 October 2007)
2007Les Grands Projets: Still Important for Innovation Opportunities? (Brussels, 19-20 November 2007)
2007From innovation policy research to local policy implementation: strategic policy intelligence guiding concrete innovation support measures (Dublin, 19-20 April 2007)
2006Going global: the challenges for knowledge-based economies (Helsinki, 21-22 September 2006)
 Innovation policy learning: change in thinking - change in doing? (Stockholm, 23-24 May 2006)
2005Innovation and procurement (Manchester, 16 November 2005)
 The future of research: new players, roles and strategies (Rotterdam, 21-22 April 2005)
2004Linking defence and security R&D to innovation: the challenge ahead (Brussels, 19 November 2004)
 Internationalisation of R&D: recent trends and arising policy challenges for the future (Helsinki, 17-18 June 2004)
2003Crossing borders: venturing into the European research area (Austria & Hungary, 30-31 October 2003)
 Turning new ideas into wealth: SMEs in the era of disruptive technologies (Vancouver, June 5-6)
2002New governance for innovation: the need for horizontal and systemic policy coordination (Karlsruhe, 14-15 November 2002)
 Innovation policy and sustainable development: Can public innovation incentives make a difference? (Brussels, 28 February-1 March 2002)
2001Merging innovation cultures: leveraging creativity for competitive advantage (Dublin, 4-5 October 2001)
 Innovation policies for a new era (Stockholm, 15-16 January 2001)
2000Services in innovation: the role of knowledge intensive business services in the innovation process of firms (Utrecht, 11-12 May 2000)
1999Services innovation and the knowledge economy (Manchester, 22-23 April 1999)
1998Knowledge transfer in the information society (Budapest, 19-20 Nov 1998)
 R&T co-operation with Central and Eastern European countries (Vienna, 25-16 May 1998)
1997Local innovation: new social, economic and technological dimensions (Dublin, November 1997)
 The past and future of EU research funding: framework programmes under consideration (Helsinki, 16-17 June 1997)
1996Innovation and sustainable development: lessons for innovation policies (Germany, November 1996)
 R&D subsidies at stake: in search of a rationale for public funding of industrial R&D (Gent, 18-19 April 1996)
1995Re-inventing the future? Foresight at the edge of chaos (Stockholm, November 1995)
 Technology, innovation and (un)employment (Rotterdam, 15-16 June 1995)
1994Research co-operation with countries in transition (Vienna, 1-2 December 1994)
 Innovation: applying new ideas for profit (London, 25-26 May 1994)
1993Financing the early stage technology company in the 1990's: an international perspective (Montreal, 8-9 November 1993)
 National networks to global links (Dublin, 21-22 June 1993)
1992User-producer relations in the innovation process (Helsinki, 26-27 November 1992)
 Lean company: model and practise, context and policy (Stuttgart, 11-12 May 1992)
1991Technical competence and firm strategy: implications for public policy (Stockholm, 5-6 November 1991)
 Innovation and society: in search of new linkages (Noordwijk, 16-17 April 1991)
1990Technological innovation and the service sector (Vienna, 23-24 October 1990)
 R&D organisations in the 1990's (London, 14-15 May 1990)
1989The internationalisation of R&D (Ottawa, 16-17 October 1989)
 The future of the rural economy (Shannon, 22-23 May 1989)
1988Inter-firm innovation dynamics (Stuttgart, 3-4 October 1988)
1987Regional innovation supporting services (The Hague, 7-8 December 1987)
 Investment in training (Paris, 23-25 April 1987)
1986Home informatics (London, 3-4 November 1986)
 Engineering education for industrial development (Stockholm, 9-10 June 1986)
1985Financing of entrepreneurial ventures and innovation (Vienna, 30 Sept. - 1 Oct. 1985)
 International technology transfer: promotion and barriers (Ottawa, 6-7 May 1985)
1984Regional innovation policies and programmes (Limerick, 19-20 November 1984)
 Policies for industrial innovations: situations and perspectives (Bonn, 7-8 May 1984)
1983Technological information from abroad: scientific attaches and other public institutions, industrial needs and public policies (The Hague, December 1983)
 Technological culture and success in industry (Paris, 6-7 June 1983)
1982Evaluating the effectiveness of government innovation policies (London, 22-23 November 1982)
 Industry-university relations (Stockholm, 10-11 May 1982)
1981A systematic approach to innovation (The Hague, 23-24 November 1981)
 Regional innovation policy: technology policies or regional policies (Sophia Antipolis, 1-2 June 1981)
1980New entrepreneurship and the smaller innovative firm (Limerick, 9-10 June 1980)
 National innovation policies (Berlin, 1-2 December 1980)
1979Trends in collective industrial research (London, 26-27 November 1979)
 Industrial innovation and government regulation (The Hague, 11-13 June 1979)
1978Technical change and employment (Paris, 13-14 November 1978)
 Government procurement policies and industrial innovation (Dublin, 6-7 June 1978)
1977Small- and medium-sized manufacturing firms: their role and problems in innovation. Government policy in Europe, the USA, Canada, Japan and Israel (The Hague, 21-22 November 1977)
 The current international economic climate and policies for technical innovation (November 1977)
1976Government aid to technical change in the mechanical engineering industries (Karlsruhe, 19 April 1977)
 Government direct financial assistance to industry: programmes, experiences and trends (London, 12-13 October 1976)