Merging innovation cultures: Leveraging creativity for competitive advantage (Dublin, 2001)

Merging innovation cultures: Leveraging creativity for competitive advantage
Dublin, 4-5 October 2001

Innovation and creativity are treated differently in the arts, in education and in industry and even differ in their application between industry sectors. They occur at different points in different processes and can occur in individuals, in groups and across entire communities. The conference explored the different ways in which creativity and innovation occur and how they can be leveraged. It examined the inter-relationship between innovation and creativity, exploring the roles that government, education and the creative industries can play in building a comprehensive intellectual infrastructure that encompasses research, education, industrial innovation and creativity. The conference was at ministerial level and drew together a range of players from the innovation community in Ireland, the European Union and further afield. These included policy makers from the 6 Countries network, heads of industry, representatives of cultural and educational organisations and creative practitioners. The conference was intended to create a momentum of ongoing consultation and future policy development.

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