The future of research: New players, roles and strategies (Rotterdam, 2005)

The future of research: New players, roles and strategies
Rotterdam, 21-22 April 2005

Jointly organized by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Dutch Organization for Applied Scientific Research (TNO), this two-day workshop addressed the changing nature of research. Mono-disciplinary research activities carried out by localized groups of scientists have increasingly given way to activities involving multi-disciplinary teams from different institutions located in different countries. Universities have entered the private market and are becoming increasingly entrepreneurial. New scientific frontiers are being explored in convergent domains of scientific research that pose ethical, societal and organizational challenges. These and other changes call for appropriate strategies and a repositioning of policy instruments to optimize the conditions for innovative and groundbreaking research. The Rotterdam workshop of spring 2005 provided an opportunity for key players in the research process to debate these issues.

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