Les Grands Projets: still important for innovation opportunities? (Brussels 2007)

Les Grands Projets: still important for innovation opportunities?
Brussels, 19-20 November 2007

This year, the 6CP Autumn Conference will deal with the well-known French concept of “Les Grands Projets industriels”, addressed in relation to new developments in the practice and science of innovation policy. This conference is organized by IWT, the Agency for funding of research and innovation in Flanders (Belgium), on behalf of the Six Countries Programme and will take place in November 19-20, 2007 in Brussels. Technopolis Group, an international consultancy advising research and innovation policy makers, has been appointed to assist IWT in the organisation of this conference.

The Six Countries Programme Conference intends to debate large-scale public-private partnerships – also known as Grands Projets after their French labelling. Grands projets are still used by most public authorities in advanced and developing economies to trigger and support innovation. However, they have evolved. They are now very different from the technological programmes and R&D research consortia that were set-up in the 1970s and 1980s in France, Japan or the US.

Through discussions with international experts and decision makers involved in past and present Grands Projets around the world, this conference aims at assessing the effectiveness of Grands Projets to cope with the current and future challenges of knowledge economies. The conclusions and results of this conference should inform public and private decision makers on the impact of Grands Projets on innovation and competitiveness. The conference should also focus on their added value to address global issues and their relevance to support the building of the European Research Area.

Documents for download

Presentation by Philip Larrue (Technopolis Group)
Download in PPT (Powerpoint) format
Les Grands Projets, still important for innovation opportunities?

Presentation by Michel Rebuffet (Agence de l'Innovation Industrielle)
Download in PDF format
Grands Projets today in the AII

Presentation by Yuko Harayama (Tohoku University)
Download in PPT (Powerpoint) format
Grands Projets in the Japan's new science and technology strategy

Presentation by Mariko Sakakibara (University of California)
Download in PPT (Powerpoint) format
Large scale public-private partnerships in Japan and the U.S.

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