Exploring the green innovation paradigm (Utrecht, 2010)

Exploring the green innovation paradigm
15 November 2010, Utrecht, the Netherlands

Going green and green innovation had become a major issue on the agenda of companies, public organisations, and governments. The relationship between private sector and the public interest is changing, which does not mean that their interests are coinciding. Moreover, public-private partnerships have become fashionable in innovation policy, in particular in relation to societal challenges. Many recent policy documents recognise this development and policy makers are seeking ways to translate this societal demand into demand driven innovation policies.

It is about time now to review what has been learned about green innovation policy so far and to see if we can detect the shapes of a new "green innovation paradigm", in which public needs and demands for sustainability are combined with competitive forces which companies face in the market. And more in particular we need to address the question if the emerging new paradigm leads to a new model for policy making, which integrates hitherto separated fields of policmaking. The 2010 Six Countries Programme workshop reviews what has been learned, makes an inventory of the present state of the art and will explore directions for future policy development. In doing so it will also reveal opportunities and barriers for "a green innovation paradigm" and gaps in our understanding (new research questions).

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